Introducing A New Function ‘Tablets Comparison’

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    Today I’m excited to introduce you a new function of McBub. It’s ‘Tablets Comparison‘ that makes it simple that you want to compare two or more tablets. Finding a tablet you want at McBub has never been so easy like this.

    Now on any detailed description page of tablet PCs at McBub, you will see an anchor text named ‘Add To Compare’ above the button ‘Add to Cart’.
    Once you click ‘Add To Compare’, you will be directed to the page of ‘Tablets Comparison’.

    Then, you can add other tablets you want to compare. Currently there’s three ways to add more tablets in the comparison page.
    1) The detailed description page of tablets PCs (eg. McBub: Low-Priced Zenithink ZT-280 C71 , USD 109.99, A9 Tablet Zenithink ZT-280 C71 5-Point Capacitive Touchscreen Android 4.0 ICS 1GB RAM Camera/HDMI (CN105788))
    2) The category page of tablet PCs (Tablet PC, Tablet PC Directory, buy Cheap wholesale Tablet PC and more on


    3) The ‘tablets comparison’ page (Best Android Tablets Comparison On McBub)

    Go try it now. You will love it.
    p.s. a comparison result of five tablet PCs

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