Introducing ACADEV Signature Series E1 [Rom] [Mod] for WMT2.0_105 & WMT2.1.6_PD_N

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    Introducing ACADEV Signature Series E1, This one is made from the ground-up stripped out wasting memory apps, gutted, re-programmed and changed app to reduce overhead and recover lost RAM. Everything is replaced including the fonts and added more graphics. But this time instead of making it so fancy which uses so much RAM and you don't want to do that on these type of tablets. They just get so bogged down and run sluggish. E1 is the very first step for me to mod these builds in a different way.

    Boot-up screen is what you see above, that is also the main wallpaper. That's the only wallpaper there is. Why because, why not. You get 2GB for storage how about more space to add your own stuff. Now you have that back to do as you want. Task, Memory and Battery Management has been one of the biggest complaints I've see here. So I've focus heavier on those 3. Removed default apps that rob you and me from performance.


    You might need more features but this one does support 3G, BT, ADSL, but those features in this E1 are disabled. I don't use them on this type of tablet so if you want them I need to know so E2 and E3 would be made. So for now E1 is it! CM3 is included and along with the new Android Assistant will be playing a major role in this ROM. Gone are all the other task manager that seem to do only one thing is rob memory and make the tablet slower.


    Market, Maps, Street, Gmail are active. If you really want high level boost you would ditch the Google Market Apps, but you really need to have those loaded. I am seeing CM3 score of 396 now even with Market active and WiFi too!

    Well there is much more but, if you install this ROM you need to run Cache Mate clear out the cache, then run Android Assistant and disable the power control app. That's about it. Battery is very good. To get more out of the use Android Assistant installed and ready. Don't use any other launcher with this one you have a new Launcher/Docker now, I made one myself designed to use less memory and thus give you high performance.

    Source: E1 - High Performance (Download Here)

    Requires: Gome Flytouch1 Epad, Maylong M150 (A10, A11, A12) that runs on Android OS 1.6 with WMT2.0_105 Build

    E1 - High Performance for WMT2.1.6_PD_N Click Here

    WARNING: Use at your own risk! I take no responsibility if you brick your tablet.
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