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    Hi Forum members, I am a lady from the midwest who found this site on google. I want to buy a tablet for my husband for the holidays. We are higher end general contractors and new home builders in the midwest. I am looking a tablet we can use for business and pleasure. We have hundreds of photos of our projects, sorted by job and scope of work. Presently, we are using the photobooks you make up for sales presentations. Ideally, I would like to put these on a tablet allowing the homeowner to flick through. So the quality of the image is very important. It also needs to be one of the larger screen tabs. I would like the kind that you touch the screen too. Wifi connection is key but I don't want to sign up for a service. We would use it to surf, skype and facebook when we travel.

    Business is pretty soft in our industry so I would like to spend in the low $200's. Is that possible. I have heard about the generic chinese tablets but have no idea what brand or where to buy. So any advice would be helpful. If it only lasts a year or two that is fine.

    Thanks so much for your advice.
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    Hi Clara, welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to join us here at Android Tablets. The best place on the forum for "shopping" information and recommendations is the Android Tablet Discussions section. I'm going to move your thread over there for you so folks can discuss your tablet requirements with you and hopefully make some suggestions. Good luck!

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