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    I have been silent on this matter for quite a while,considering what to say and what to do about my treatment at the hands of Ipadalternative.com, and their owners. First a quick review I attempted to buy a tablet from them in early May but due to supply problems (according to them),was unsuccessful this led to me sending a number of emails making phone calls and posts on their forum; all of which were either ignored or in the case of the posts altered or taken down. However after posting on this forum I was contacted by James (shadowrun), claiming to be the manager of Ipadalternative who explained that they are a family run firm and my adverse publicity was affecting their sales which had experience a 40% drop. He offered a case or some accessories for my new tablet (purchased elsewhere, which I did not take) as an apology and assured me that if I were to use the site again I would have a much happier time.
    Last month I was in the market for a new tablet and paid the site a visit, but was faced with the same uncooperative, unhelpful and downright rude attitude as the first time round (if anyone wants to know the details make a private request). I have given up on them and was prepared to forget about the whole episode, until a meeting with a customer who relayed a very similar experience at the same site. I must confess I have not lost any money they have refunded any money taken, but have had a very frustrating time and been unable to source a tablet (nor has my customer) from them; a quick review of their forum confirms this seems to be a common occurrence, I am making my experience public so you can make up your own minds; I hope you have a better time with whoever you choose than I did.
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