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    Hi everyone if someone could help me I would really appreciated I'm having an issue with my Irulu Tablet a few days ago my Tablet started acting up I would try typing words on the the tablet and on its own it would start typing other words I never clicked on then when I try pressing on an apps it would just be frozen and go side to side so I decide my only option was to reset it from scratch. So I did and it was working fine till the next day I would be typing in youtube and on it's own it typed in yyyoube, and then afterwards I trying watching a video on youtube and the pause button would pop up every second I really didn't know what was going on with the tablet and to make matters words when I click on apps or when I trying to turn it on and swipe the lock button it will just be frozen. Then again I reset it and this time it was acting the same apps are going from side to side and it wont let me click on any apps. It seems like water fell into it but I never take it to the shower so I really don't know what is going on. I know my explanation isn't really good but if someone has had this issue or know's what is going on I would really appreciated if you can help me. I got the tablet on January and it started acting up on Friday.:(

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