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    Irulu is an American company that has been making tablets, smart phones and computers for a few years. My first tablet was an Irulu that I bought for around $25 on eBay. It was very bad and had a very early Android version on it.

    Recently I bought a 9 inch Irulu tablet with Android 4.2. I have it mounted on a stand and I use it for research while I'm writing. It's a little slow but adequate. I just bought an Irulu 10.1 inch tablet with Android 5.1. I also bought a leather keyboard case. The keyboard case makes it look and feel like a light touch-screen computer.

    My 10.1 inch Irulu is nearly as fast as my laptop. The screen is clear and bright. Resolution is more than adequate for me. I put Microsoft Word on it and it is great for writing or correcting manuscripts.

    The tablet only has 8 gigs of ROM storage so I can't load a lot of apps. I'm working on external storage. It's an art I've yet to master. I can store files in the cloud. I have a lot to learn about this tablet.

    Charging is a problem. Charging through the micro USB is very slow and the battery gets used up fast. There is a round port for a fast charger--but the fast charger I bought doesn't fit.

    With all it's problems, this is a very nice tablet, and potentially very useful. It cost about $60 on eBay and they are now on sale for that price on the Irulu site.

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