Is my phone bricked?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note 3' started by adamjohnson, Dec 24, 2015.

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    hi I am using a sm 9005 that was running under a stock lollipop. everything was in stock until now. the phone was not rooted.
    I decided to in intall cwm recovery (n9005-cwm-recovery- with odin 3.9.6

    upon the reboot the phone is looping and displays inblue "recovery booting" and in yellow "set warranty bit : recovery"

    i cannot do anything else i have no access to odin or or to the normal recovery boot.

    any clue?

    thanks for your time
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    Yep, it's bricked, you might have better luck fixing your device on xda-developers they deal a lot with phones.

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    Your first problem is that you're using CWM. It's no longer supported and thus you should be using TWRP on your Note 3. That said, are you able to enter download mode (Volume down and Power)? If you're able to enter download mode your Note 3 isn't bricked. What you'll need to do is download a stock ROM from, if you haven't already done so, and flash it using Odin.

    Once you get the ROM installed, then you can use Odin to flash the current version of TWRP. From there, you can then install a custom ROM.

    If download mode isn't available to you, then you'll have to send the device to Samsung for servicing.

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