Is SD card really needed to download something

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    Hi out there, congratz to this large community

    Recently I bought a tablet with Android ICS (ZTPad, ZT ICS model) for my mother and she complained she couldn't download attachments from email to view. I was checking the issue and it keeps giving an error:

    "An SD card is required to download ...".

    Well, it's true, it doesn't have a SD Card, 8GB internal storage should be fine I thought. Were the hell can I find the default download folder and change it to the internal memory. Couldn't find it, isn't that possible, changing default download folder in general?

    Didn't gave up here. Downloaded Opera Mini 9.0, tried to locate any default download folder option from this app...couldn't find it!

    Ok further, downloaded the Dolphin HD browser, there i found the option, changed it to \mnt\flash\.... thought to be saved. Not. Keeps getting the error: "An SD card is required to download XPTO". Come on, isn't it possible to download something without having that f**** SD card?

    Thanks for any help or comment.

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