IS701R T-PAD problem...requires immediate assistance

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    Hello everyone! Since this is my first post i applaud all your efforts and sincerely hope to achieve and reciprocate any help received. Now..My tablet has frozen on android logo...I tried hard reset ...i tried recovery...nothing happens..... it just says no recovery image found. try recovering from sd.... the issue is there is no cataloging for recovery process via sd card. The one i found say about using IUW tool and company specified rom with .ius extension. The tool works fine but does not recognize my removable media so i cannot burn the image to sd and boot from it. The other problem is .ius has been packed on linux...i dont have linux.... I tried cygwin but i couldn't get the iusunpack command to work. So practically the tablet is not working at all....i need it to work very badly.

    The config is

    1 ghz,andy 2.3, 256DDRII,0.3 mp camera, wifi,g-sensor

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