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    I bought a OndaV919 Air CH 9.7 Inch 4GB RAM Intel Cherry Trail 64GB ROM Windows 10 Tablet PC I haven’t a problem with the tablet just who I bought it from

    I paid $32.29 postage + uk duty $25.29

    I received it on 23/2/2016

    I only used for 5 Days I noticed small crack starting right of camera lens, also problem with wireless adapter no problem they said just return it I returned it on 1/3/2016 costing me a further $29.27

    They received it on 7/3/2016 they didn’t acknowledge receiving it till 26/3/2016 even though they had tracking number

    Now they want $41.29 to return it not a replacement they’re repairing it!

    A total of $128.14 it’s crazy considering the tablet only cost $178.99 to start with,

    Plus I have already paid Duty to DHL on same Tablet before,

    Can you pay duty on item twice?

    It’s now 9/4/2016 still waiting for it after sending 9 e-mails

    What can I say never again from

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