Japan Brings Forth the Android Connected Toilet!

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    You could probably say, it's only fitting. In January of 2012, we brought you a hilarious story about a study researchers did on how often people use their smart-devices on the toilet. In turns out that a surprising number of us do precisely that very often. Today, things have come full circle, as we can now wrap up this year with another toilet story. Apparently, Japanese toilet manufacturers were paying attention to this study (perhaps they funded it), because they have developed an Android-connected smart-toilet. Yep, you read that right. A company called Lixil has developed a toilet, called the My Satis (because of course, everyone names their toilets, right?) that can be remotely controlled by your Android smartphone through Bluetooth. It has a number of luxurious features that can be activated with the My Satis app.

    Here are some of the intriguing features of the My Satis toilet and app:
    • Users can raise or lower the seat
    • Users can activate the bidet to clean their bum
    • Users can also stream music to a set of speakers installed in the toilet
    • Users can monitor their toilet usage
    • And more...
    Leave it to the Japanese to come up with both a brilliant and bizarre way to use an Android smartphone and a toilet. For now this seems to only be available in Japan. If this technology takes off, it would mean that more of us might need to take advantage of the Liquipel technology in case of a potential mishap. Of course, even with the Liquipel water-proofing treatment, we all hope that if there is an accidental dropping, that it happens before the intentional dropping.

    Source: Phandroid and Lixil
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