Jellybean / Icecream Sandwich bugs on MID 7022

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2 Development' started by madman_xxx, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Lark FreeMe 70.2 (Coby Kyros 7022)
    As new ROMs are popping out, I would like to create a thread with all known bugs on these releases. For testing, I am using Lark FreeMe 70.2, which is a clone of Coby Kyros 7022. My tablet has extended internal storage and CWM 5 installed.
    1. Jellybean (4.1.1 GreenDemon v1.0.0010)
      1. Hardware video acceleration works slower than software (tested on MX Player). This also affects YouTube. Playback is smoother than ICS though...
      2. WiFi bug is not fixed. After sleep the WiFi is slow, but is faster than GB 2.3
      3. People report that Google Play Store crashes / doesn't work. That's not the case for me...
      4. Some applications that were available on Android 2.3, aren't anymore
      5. Games using G-sensor / accelerometer now work properly, the axes follow screen orientation. Also, the g-sensor is not so sensitive, as in 2.3
      6. Skype is stable, but has issues - video transmitted from tablet is black & white (with some random pink and green artifacts), no audio can be heard on tablet from the caller.
    2. Icecream Sandwich (?TBU?)
      1. Hardware video acceleration sucks terribly
      2. Wifi bug - reported to exist, has to be checked...
      3. Same compatibility issues with Google Play Store
      4. Same compatibility issues with apps
      5. G-sensor apps need to be checked.
      6. Skype video works, but is very unstable - resets the device after a few seconds.
    This thread will be updated. In the future, I would like to create a thread for common bugs and their workarounds. Hope you can help me / we can help each other out.
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