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    A powerful, responsive and sturdy tablet PC in a perfectly portable 7" package. Take a look at just some of the great features JoyTAB has to offer.

    Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen.
    The 7" capacitive touch screen allows a fast responsive experience combined with multi touch capabilities. Zoom in to photos with a simple pinch, twist to rotate, swipe to scroll websites and much more.

    Responsive Multi Core Processor.
    The ARM Cortex processor inside JoyTAB allows great gaming graphics suporting the Open GL 2.0 3D gaming engine. You can even connect your JoyTAB to a 3D HD TV or monitor and enjoy immersive 3D movies in crisp High Definition.

    4GB Storage, Upgradeable to 32GB.
    If you find the standard 4GB storage space is running low then you can upgrade your memory up to 32GB with the addition of a Micro SD Card. Store thousands of songs, hundreds of movies and more Apps than you could ever wish for.

    Over 360,000 Apps
    Choose from all of the top apps and games including Angry Birds, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and more. You also get Gmail, Google Maps, Youtube, an Ebook reader and more out of the box. JoyTAB even supports Adobe Flash.

    Connect and share with Wi-Fi, HDMI 1.4 & USB.
    JoyTAB features a selection of connection options. As well as super fast Wi-Fi, you can connect JoyTAB to your PC via USB and your TV via the HDMI 1.4 port. A micro SD slot allows you to share files with your friends and transfer photos from your
    camera with ease.

    JoyTAB 7 will start at £129.99 (~$208)

    Full Specs here

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