just found this forum/site and I am kinda hoping that I will not be shot down in flam

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by RKSJunku, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Generic 7" china , looking to buy Ploymer Speed11
    Hi there all

    I have just found this forum/site and I am kinda hoping that I will not be shot down in flames for asking basic questions
    I am new to the tablet PC world

    OK I aquired a chinse tablet - and it has issues -

    1. Battery does not charge - used to for about 20 mins now stopped totaly no charge works on mains only
    2.Works on the mains and boots up
    3. I tried to install a rom but the machine ignores the sd card and boots normal- it can read the files
    4. Will not do a rom upgarde

    Model / make infor - manual says MID 7 - has TF slot 2 mini usb , power in , green /red led not working, no phyical reset button, mic , webcam , phono socket
    responds ok to hold down power + home + Menu button to recover menu - i can send screenshots but dont know how ?
    Android Version 2.3.3
    Basband version Unknown
    Model Unknown
    Kernel - infoTManna@anna-pc#125
    Proccesor ?
    Internal storage 4G
    Available 884mb
    user available space 2.32 GB

    Issues - can not delete apps ( says deleted but they come back ) looping
    Factory reset done but nothing has changed ( wiped cache / applications )
    deleted the google account - wont let me
    Browser launches but throws above message
    most apps dont work just errors coming up

    what i would like is a working tablet please help i paid £90 for this and its now out of warranty !

    I want to install a recomnded rom to access skype, you tube and general apps as currently it shows errors like

    " Sorry ! The process com.google process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly "

    Please help i m close to tearing me hair out

    Thanks in advance all ​


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