Just got an Acer 2.2 android pc tablet for christmas and need a little help?

Discussion in 'Acer Tablets' started by cindyb1023, Dec 27, 2011.

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    acer 2.2 android pc tablet
    Just got this Acer Android 2.2 pc tablet, that was shipped from China. We got a manual with it, but the manual tells you really nothing about the tablet? We are having an issue trying to get the wifi to connect with the unit. It reads my router, but will not actually connect to it? I am also wondering if there is an actual user's guide that I can purchase or download some where, so we have some sort of reference on how to use it? The verision I have is a 2.632 kernel from Google, if that helps?

    Thank you for your help!
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    Cindy -

    First, welcome to the forums, glad to have you here as a member. Unfortunately the manual (or lack of one) is an issue on most tablets these days. It seems like they don't produce much in the way of them because technology changes so fast. Your best bet really is to either use their website, or just ask your questions here and let one of our other members help.

    As far as the router issue, do you have security setup on the router? That can sometime be an issue depending on what is supported or not. What have you done to try to connect? The first time you do it, you do need to tap on the icon that you will see in Settings->Wireless & Networking for the network you want to connect with, then once you go through the setup steps it will auto-connect after that.

    Hope this helps a little,

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