Just got my first android device "China Telecom Infotmic M009F", updatable ?

Discussion in 'Infotmic Based' started by shodan, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. shodan

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    Jan 25, 2012
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    China Telecom Infotmic M009F

    I just got my android tablet in the mail today :)

    so far it seems to work great

    I got it from ebay

    "7" Android 2.3 MID EPad WiFi 256MB 1GHZ 4GB Flash Camera Tablet 4GB (270874492439)"

    seller's name was kingpower2011

    I paid 70$ and had free shipping, I ordered it on 19 December and got it 24 January

    I linked my google apps account to it and I could enter the android market

    the wifi works, I was surprised that I could click "install" on the android market window on my PC and the app was installed on my android device without further intervention ! neat

    according to "Android System Info" (the first app I installed) I actually have 184mb of ram (only 32 free now)

    1 gb of internal memory and an internal sd card of 2gb (so only 3gb actually)

    the front facing camera is surprisingly good, not laggy

    the resistive touchscreen is accurate when I use the tip of my fingernail but not so much when I use my whole finger

    the screen is bright but color depth appears low (it looks like a 65k color display) resolution is 800*480

    the screen is actually 7" diagonal

    there's a power button
    a menu button
    a volume button that is actually 2 buttons in one
    there's a microphone, a reset button
    a mini usb connector, a micro sd slot and a headphone port
    a dc jack and the button on the face of the thing

    on the face there's a green led that light when it's powered on and a red led that lights when charging

    it's running android 2.3.3

    my only question so far, can I upgrade android on it ? can it run android 4 ?

  2. mog703

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    Feb 24, 2012
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    i also using a similar tablet (possibly even the same one) and considering to upgrade the os but just wondering why you want to? do you have issues with the current 2.3.3 os?

    Are you able to connect via hardwire with this M009f model as you are with the older m009s model?
  3. petedude

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    Mar 9, 2011
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    generic 7" MID PL7B
    Got me something similar:
    New Android 2.3 MID 7" TouchScreen Wi-Fi 1GHz Gsensor Market ePad Tablet 3G E7
    from seller just4you1949.
    Set me back $73. Tablet info app says it's only 800mhz, but I seem to remember that being mentioned as a bug in CPU reporting elsewhere.
    Good tablet so far. Can install apps from Market out of the box, which is something I couldn't do with my Sylvania. We'll see how the battery holds up-- it arrived drained, and is taking a while to charge, which might be a good sign. I bought it largely for the battery specs more than anything, as the Sylvania only has a 2-3 hour battery life. Power button seems solid, which is a huge relief (though I will be trying to get QuickBoot installed stat).

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