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    Ok i am a noob to androids so please bare with meI just got my wm8650 in the mail it is android 2.2 and has a build number of Generic-eng2.2 Froyo ver 1.4.3-2011 and a bunch of other numbers behind itAnyways it came in the mail it would not work so i took it apart im pretty hadny with electronics and unplugged and replugged battery to see if that fixed it and it did but then after i put it all together the headphone jack broke off complelty i will post diagram of what i will be soldering to get it working again later in the postThen i went to a video and bam the sound did not work at all with the internal speakers inside i checkd and the speakers are hooked up no loose wire or anything is there something i need to do to get it working i have messed with audio settings but nothing worked would rooting it or puttin a different rom work to fix this audio problem? thanksmeatloaf!Oh one more question is it possible to buy a usb audio device and hook it up and get sound that way if i cant fix my sound jack?

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    Why would you do all this for a product that arrived broken? Why didn't you just return it for a refund or exchange?

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