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    Ever notice how your tablet home screens can be boring and not that useful? Lately I do not even use a home screen and just launch everything from the app drawer (granted I use a Cornerstone ROM so I can have multiple apps running at once).


    I saw Chameleon over at Kickstarter and thought I would share it here as it could change the way we use our tablet home screens with widgets. This is a new launcher that uses widgets to give a multiple app at once interaction on the home screens by launching apps in groups that you typically use at once. This also can be set to bring up different home screens based on location (WiFi Network) or time of day. It looks pretty nice and customizable. Here is a video of it in action:

    The dev team is hoping to have it in the Play Store by September, but if you donate $5 to the cause you should get your hands on it by August (and you will not have to pay for the final release either). If you donate more, you can get your hands on some extra goodies.

    It is only for tablets running Android 3.2 or later and 1280x800 resolution or higher for now.

    If you have a spare Lincoln in your wallet and feel like saying goodbye to him for a few months, head over to Kickstarter to donate to the cause.

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