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    Hello, here is a game that I've developed. It is released both in free and full versions. Any feedback is welcome :)

    - For preschool kids: for each card a voice recording plays so kids learn to associate image and sound. For example, when a player opens a card with image of an elephant, a voice saying »elephant« is played.
    - For school kids: due to different difficulty levels and extra options, the game can be quite challenging also for older kids (and even adults – try mixed colors at hard level if you don't believe ;))
    - For non English speaking kids: learn the English words for the objects on the cards.

    It is possible to disable or enable separately music / effects / voice.
    Three game themes are featured:
    - Colors
    - Animals
    - Food
    Each game has three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard*, plus extra options* (* full version). Extra options provide a way to diversify the gameplay and provide some new approaches to memory games.

    Link to the game:





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    I played this game really its awesome. The sound plays a important role.

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