Kyros MID 7015 Calibration Issues

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 1 Technical' started by droid_newb, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Kyros MID7015
    Well hello droid world I'm very new to all of this, being all I've ever used is windows. But I'm having a major issue with my new tablet that I've just opened and taken out of the box. From start up I first attempted to calibrate. I pressed the 5 crosshairs as instructed and it then says to long press anywhere to finish/exit. Heres where my problem is, when I long press anywhere it just restarts the calibration process and I press them all again ive done it many..MANY times.. and ive found that if I long press in certain spots on the top where the words "long press anywhere to exitss" and "long press the cross to proceeds" are..there are no crosses on the screen at this point.. it will close out and go back to the desktop while displaying "touch calibrate false more times, set the default values" at the bottom of the screen.
    So as you would think.. this effects everything I do on the tablet... typing on the virtual keyboard is a joke.. being it presses every letter that I'm not aiming for... but sometimes gets lucky... this is very frustrating. if anyone with unix/linux knowledge could help my fix my problem I would be greatly appreciative
    my only guess is maybe I could import pre calibrated settings into the droid? but i dont know where to start... the only person I've seen on this site with my problem .. just returned it... and I cant do that.

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