Larry Page Confirms Google Glass Runs on Android; Also Praises New Motorola Devices

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    Larry Page, the CEO and Co-Founder of Google, made some very intriguing statements at the Google 2013 Q1 Conference call today. First, he indicated Google Glass will be running on the Android OS, confirming industry speculation. He didn't go into specifics as to the form or version of Android. Here's what he said in response to a query about how much people can expect to see engagement increment with new products like Glass,

    This is an exciting, but unsurprising confirmation that Google is planning to connect all of their devices under a single connected ecosystem. It will be interesting to see what cool ides developers will be able to come up with to combine Google Glass and Android smartphone/tablet functionality.

    One of the other exciting things Mr. Page shared were comments regarding his enthusiasm for Motorola's next line of products. Here's what he said,

    As you can see, these are solid endorsements from Mr. Page and bodes well for the future of both line of products. Share your thoughts on Google & Motorola's next-gen tech.

    Source: YouTube - Googleir
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    Well, I'm still in the market for a 10" tablet. I keep waiting for the Right One, and, so far, it keeps failing to appear. I kind of liked the Motorola Xoom tablets, so maybe Motorola will be The One?


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