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Discussion in 'Le Pan Tablets' started by toddmwhitmore, Mar 16, 2012.

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    How do I set the email icon hotkey on the Le Pan to default to K9 or any other email program other than the one that comes stock with the tablet? I have managed to set the default email to K9 as far as
    what is lauched when emailing from the contact list. HOWEVER I want the button on the front of the homescreen to launch K9!!! Any ideas???
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    If it is like other Android tablets with the envelope and yellow mail icon, that is just Google's generic email app. K9 is also an email app so it doesn't make sense to use one mail app to open another mail app. The easiest solution is just to remove the generic email app from the home screen (long press it and trash it) and add a shortcut to the K9 app by going to the app drawer long pressing the K9 app and adding it to the home screen.

    You could have 5 different email apps on the home screen all pulling mail from the same accounts if you wanted but why? This is a simple removal of one app and addition of another. If you don't like the default email app and prefer K9 then don't use the default email app just like if it were any other email app you didn't want to use.

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