Leak Reveals Details on the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch App

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    Wearable computing could be the next big technological revolution or it could end up as the next technological red herring. Regardless of which side of that fence you perch, right now Samsung's Galaxy Gear is the primary device people are talking about in the smartwatch segment of wearable computers. It is widely known that Samsung will be launching their Galaxy Gear smartwatch at their pre-IFA press event on September 4th.

    So far, a smattering of details have been hinted at for the device, and more info continues to trickle out. The latest drop of intel is a leaked peek at the companion app which will supposedly come with the Galaxy Gear and allow it to sync up with your other Galaxy devices. A couple of pics of this “Gear Manager” app were recently posted (pictured above). The pics make it clear the Galaxy Gear will have built-in NFC functionality, and will be designed to function with several apps on Samsung phones like the Galaxy S4.

    Could this app help make a wearable smartwatch a bit more useable than previous generation products we have seen in this category? What will it take to get you excited about a smartwatch?

    Source: Twitter - @evleaks
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    When they produce this, I will be excited.

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