Letter to Zenithink Boss: Zenithink warranty policy against Law

Discussion in 'Zenithink Tablets' started by secupro, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Zeinithink C91
    We are online seller in Australia, we had sold Zenithink for several months last year, found its faulty rate is very high, more than 30%,
    We provide 1 year warranty for my customer, repaired about 50 pcs tablet here in Australia,
    Last September we send faulty tablets and parts back to our vendor in Shenzhen China for repair, only half of them were fixed, Our vendor said sorry that they had done their best, but they can't got warranty from Zenithink, half of them remain faulty.
    Now we got about 15 faulty tablets in hand, we contact Zenithink directly, they said zenithink only accept faulty tablet through dealer, and our dealer said sorry, they can't get warranty from Zenithink, they are kicking ball. All brand except ZENITHINK obey the law do warranty for dealer and end user.
    Zenithink warranty policy against Law
    We will fight until we get fair and justice. and we reserve legal action against ZENITHINK.

    If other Zenithink dealer and user have the same experience, please follow me, tell your story.
    We have office in Shenzhen China, we reserve the right to sue ZENITHINK to the fair trading and court.
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    Apr 28, 2012
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    Zenithink Z102
    Ive had the same problems with Zenithink and there vendors. I have a 7 month old upgraded Z102 with 8gig of mem. It is a RMA of the same Tablet that lasted under 1 week before the wifi went out now this Tablet is doing the same thing. The vindor (flite1099 on ebay) tells me that all Zenithink Tablets come with a 90 warranty? Now for a referb that would be fine but NO ONE sales a new Tablet with a 90 day warranty. STAY AWAY from this vendor and STAY AWAY from any thing made by Zenithink. From every thing Ive read and from my own experience 2 out of 3 of these Tablets will have problems that need a RMA. With these odds and Zenithinks worst warranty in the industry you could not do worst then buying a Zenithink Tablet. I would like to join any law suits aganst Zenithink so if there one happing I would like the info so I can add my voice.
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