LG's G-Slate or Asus Transformer

Discussion in 'Asus Tablets' started by Stabulous, Oct 13, 2011.

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    LG G-Slate
    Hello All,
    I picked up a G-Slate through T-Mobile with data plan for $500.00, let me know what you think is the better buy between the 2 tablets would be. From what i've learned from the G-Slate and what i've read about the Transformer I will list out what I've come across so far. (Correct me if i'm wrong)

    LG G-Slate
    1. Dont care about 3D.
    2. No full size usb port.
    3. Sound quality is eh.
    4. No expandable SD slot.
    5. Battery life 8 hours?
    6. Nice looking?
    7. Response time is decent, i'm sure they are pretty much the same.
    Asus Transformer
    1. WiFi only
    2. No full size USB (Must purchase dockstation, which includes 2 USB ports.)
    3. SD slot included.
    4. Battery life 8 hours? (Battery life doubles with dockstation)
    5. Not sure about sound quality.
    6. Gorilla glass for the touchscreen (not sure what that is, but ok) *lol*
    I know i'm missing some more key features, I am thinking about returning the G-Slate and picking up the Transformer. I really would like the expandable SD slot and full size USB port.. Input and feedback is greatly appreciated!


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