Libert Tab external sd card is an individual component

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by soundcatcher, Nov 2, 2011.

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    I've been getting used to Android after a lifetime with good old Windows. Don't get me wrong the Packard Bell Liberty Tab is a nice piece of kit (even if it is somewhat of a clone). But I keep finding niggles. Some of which I'll find an app to fix or a work around had yes some of them are down to just the way Android works. But what I don't understand is that when I try and view the external card via the USB cable to retrieve stuff that I have downloaded to the card or pictures I have taken the files are hidden.

    This all feels a bit nuts as the external card shows up when you have the darn thing plugged into the USB cable!?

    So I asked Packard Bell support for an answer and this was their reply.....

    Regarding your enquiry, we regret the inconvenience experienced. We would like to inform, it is not possible to view the tablet's card reader data over the USB. However, you can view the internal tablet content using USB, this is not a hardware or software fault. Card reader content cannot be shared via USB as the device itself is an individual component.

    I love the way they call it an individual component!

    Anyone else think this is madness and have any similar issues with their Tablets?

    Cheers, Andy
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    Hello Andy, it's nice to finally be able to welcome you to the forum. I agree with you, that is madness, but they make the rules and we have to live with them.:cool:

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