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Discussion in 'Telechips TCC8902 Tablets' started by squat251, Dec 26, 2010.

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    7" Google Android 2.1 TCC8902 HDMI Epad Apad Cheap MID - eBay (item 370462544973 end time Jan-01-11 06:46:42 PST)

    is this a good deal? and is it upgradeable to 2.2? I'm in no rush, i really want to feel this out, but im cheap so that falls into my price range, i would love to stay under 200 and have capacitive, but this is most likely impossible after shipping. also flash is a great trade off for the better screen. thank you all in advance.
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    If you are getting it significantly cheaper than a regular retailer, and don't mind taking a chance on an ebay purchase then go for it.
    Personally, I'd rather go with a good retailer on one of these tablets in case there is any trouble with it.
    I used and had a great experience.
    It seems like almost every forum here has a story or two about someone having trouble with a new tablet, let alone a used one, if that's the case.

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