Live Linux CD w/ADB & Fastboot, Updated

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    Time and again, on many Android forums, I see Windows driver problems. Personally I have avoided these by keeping an old P4 system on hand with a Linux distro installed and the Android SDK. Some time ago I put together a Puppy Linux live CD but it had a few problems; these have now been mostly fixed. This updated version seems to solve the problems with new Intel chipsets, I can now reliably connect to most of my Droids with either ADB or Fastboot with my core i5-Z87 PC, as well as the older machine. The only Android tablets I have found not to work with this version are the Hannspree Hannspad line, they seem to have a unique processor. But my Coby 9742 and 9740 both work fine, as do Asus Transformers.

    Download here:

    Burn to a CD using whatever software, nearly all support .iso files. Burn multisession if possible, it will allow you to save your changes back to the CD if you want. Boot your PC to the new CD; this is the most difficult part, and I can't help you here, your owner's manual should tell you how, or tech support for your computer. You might even get lucky and find it already set up, so all you have to do is put the CD in the tray and reboot. Once in the Puppy Linux operating system, click the "console" icon on the desktop. From there everything is exactly the same as if you had opened a "cmd" window in Windows, so any step-bys you find can still be followed, except that Traveller1701's batch files will not work, Linux does not support them. But any of Vampirefo's will work, or any line-by-line entries, because these are not Windows or Linux, but Android commands. In other words, if you type "adb devices", it will return the same thing whether you are in Linux console (also called terminal) or Windows command interface.

    I also included Cydia Impactor, which is the only one-click root tool I have found for Linux. For some reason a desktop shortcut refuses to work, but click the "home" icon on the desktop, then the up arrow, then the gear icon labelled "Impactor". It works on 9740s and 9742s, I hope all Cobys.

    I find this route MUCH easier than dealing with quirky Windows driver problems, and I still cannot get either ADB or Fastboot to work with newer Intel chipsets under Windows. Apparently the Linux kernel gods took mercy on us--Thank you Linus Torvalds and team!

    Further testing and suggestions/criticisms invited.
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