Livesuite Obsolete!

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 3' started by Traveller, Oct 25, 2012.

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    Livesuite is a common piece of software available in the Chinese market for flashing ROM images to tablets using the Allwinner CPUs. However, Livesuite has some notable drawbacks.

    • It is not written with Allwinner CPUs in mind.
    • It is buggy.
    • It is apparently not compatible with ADB when ADB is used to flash recovery images.
    Ever since I joined this forum, I have been working with the lone Generation 3 developer we have on this site to come up with alternatives. Those alternatives can be found in the Development Index sticky in the form of a root utility for Windows and Clockworkmod recovery images for the major Generation 3 tablets. Users are encouraged to NOT download Livesuite and to NOT install a Livesuite ROM, as with Clockworkmod recovery, Linux commands for users of that OS, and a utility for Windows that can root as well as install Clockworkmod, there are better and less painful methods to get the Google apps onto your tablet and make it more useful.

    All links to Livesuite and Livesuite ROMs in the Generation 3 Forums have been removed. Anyone posting links to Livesuite image files will have those links deleted and infractions issued.

    The rooting methods that do work can be found in the sticky posts in Generation 3 Development.

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