looking for a replacement tablet that i can child proof

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    Good afternoon,
    I'm looking to replace my son's tablet, we got him an Acer Iconia B a month or so back and it was brilliant, everything we wanted and he loved it. Unfortunately i couldn't find a case that would fit properly for it, ideally i wanted a gel skin or similar, the foldover cases are tricky for him to handle. Unfortunately Acer don't do one and the inevitable happened. Despite his exaggerated care when handling it, he was walking through a door with it and clipped the corner, not a big bump but when we turned on the lcd screen was damaged (shocked i believe is the correct word. Acer's support has been desperately poor, the best they could do was charge me £55 to 'have a look'...on a £99 tablet. Their 'community' has been worse, the only response i got was when i asked about how to complain!
    Anyway, as frustrating as the Acer experience is, i'd like to replace it and i'm loathe to get the same tablet. can anyone recommend a similar performing tablet that has a decent choice of protective covers/cases for around £100?
    thanks for your time.

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