Looking for replacement tablet with USB OTG support, HDMI, USB charging

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    So my Acer Iconia A100 7" dropped out of my cargo pants and the screen is cracked. I was going to buy a new charger, well now I don't need one - I need a new tablet!

    My requirements, which have been difficult to find all of them fulfilled:

    - $250 - $275 or less (I don't care if it's used or refurbished, my A100 was a refurb and it was solid)
    - Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Jellybean (either out of the box, available as an update, or as a ROM (preferably Cyanogenmod or Eclipse, only two I've tried so far on my phones)
    - USB OTG (don't need a full USB port, but at least the support with an adapter)
    - MicroHDMI
    - IF it doesn't allow MicroSD expansion, then I need a tablet with 32GB minimum built in

    I'd prefer a 7" to 9", not a 10" -- but if I MUST... I suppose.

    Here's the biggest thing for me: availability of accessories such as a good case (not necessarily Otterbox, but padfolio or a couple silicone covers stretched over)



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