Looking for source for 10-100 Android tablets

Discussion in 'Vendor Services Discussion' started by mikeyk, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Hi. I am trying to buy ten tablets and then 100 if I am happy with the model. I am looking for 10" Android tablets with the A10 processor. I tried to order ten of these - T10 Tablet PC 10.1 Inch Capacity Screen Android 4.0.3 4GB HDMI Camera AllWinner A10 1.2GHz White [T10]- US$111.91 - LowBuying.com Maxstart but the vendor will only take cash via Paypal. They will not accept my payment by credit card even though my bank has approved the payment. I am hesitant to pay cash directly. Does anyone have any suggestions for a reputable vendor? I am looking to stay close to $100 per unit at least once I start ordering in larger quantities.

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