Looking to Root my N12... Help?

Discussion in 'Rockchip RK2918 Tablets' started by SacTappinguni, Aug 19, 2012.

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    7'' Android 4.0 512MB/8GB yuandao N12 tablet pc
    Hi, I'm a newbie here to this forum. I came over from XDA developers to look for some help rooting my particular device. I'm by no means an android newbie, so throw whatever you have at me. I don't need an over-simplified approach. I'm looking for a way to root my N12 tablet from China.

    There was a previous forum post somewhere in which somebody managed to root my particular tablet model. But the files he used were hosted on megaupload. So that's not going to work any time soon.

    Here are my device specifics: 7'' Android 4.0 512MB/8GB yuandao N12 tablet pc

    I could take any form of help right now. I'm just looking to get root access to my device. I want root access in order to install a Google Now port on my device. But that's another story. There's a tut. down at XDA Developers.


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