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Discussion in 'Sony XPERIA Z Tablet' started by lyma, Oct 24, 2013.

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    sony Xperia z 16g. lte
    Hi. I have a 16gb 4g Xperia z which is a lovely tablet but have had problems accessing the internet via lte.
    I have tried both Optus and telstra and find same issue.
    Sometimes I can connect to internet when I am in 4g zone ( not always) but if I am in a 3g zone and my signal is shown as connected to network, the tablet tells me I have no internet connection.
    WiFi is perfect but not lte.
    I have been to Sony retailer I bought it from and have nothing but praise for all the staff there. They checked and rechecked all the setups and we have done everything by the book.
    They are going to replace it and lent me a demo tablet to take os on holiday.
    Again, no probs WiFi anywhere. But no internet via my SIM cards here.
    Has anyone had any similar trouble because I need to be able to use internet without WiFi and if this is insolvable I may have to give up the Sony which I do not want to do.
    Hoping for answers.

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