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    china telecom infotmic m7206
    Recently my parents got a tablet for FREE! So I thought they were scammed! but the people there didn't ask for their social security # nor any other information except for their name and so my parents told them and they gave my parents a new tablet. At first it was too good to be true so I did a little research on the tablet. It's called "VIA WM8650"/ china telecom infotmic m7206. The one in "" was the name written on the box. The name after was what google play call it when I tried to look for apps on my desktop to see what app my tablet can use. So the problem was when I try to connect to the internet via wifi, it search for the networks and I found mine, enter the password. The wifi turn white then green with 4 bars when I went into the market, it suddenly shuts off. Annoyed I went back to settings then to wifi and tried to reconnect, it works. This time I go to browser and see if it work. It work, or so i thought. I try google something and once again it shut off on me.
    is there something wrong with the os? I read a lot about ginger break/ uberoid what are these and would it be beneficial to install these?
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    Uberoid I s a custom rom which will greatly improve your tablets performance. If you check on the fotum for 'more android tablets then go to wondermedia based you will find links and help on how to download it. You need to d/load to a pc, then unzip files, open changer.dat file and enter a number that is relevant to your tablet. Be warned that not all tablets are what they say they are. I bought mine listed as as e18 model but upon trying to load uberoid I discovered it was a mid703 instead. Once you have entered the correct number, load to a formatted sd card and put in your tab. If it doesn't work 1st time then just keep trying different numbers from the list until you get one that works. Then enjoy your tab. This also roots the tab making it much more controllable. If you read some of the posts on wondermedia based you will understand more.

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