Make screen go black without powering down?

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    I just received my first tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (Wi-Fi version) running Android 4.1 My past experience with Android devices is my cell phone, also running Android 4.1. On the phone, if I hit the power button briefly, the screen turns off while the phone remains on. I would like to do the same thing with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, turn the screen off for a few minutes, while the tablet remains on (to save some battery life). If I tap the power button, the screen goes black for about two seconds, and the a "video" of the features of the tablet appears (I think this is called the "lock screen", I swipe it and it returns to the familiar Android screens) and so the battery life is drained even when I'm not using the tablet. Or, I can hold the power button down for about 2 seconds and then power off the device. Is it possible to make the screen go black without powering off the device? If so, how?

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