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    This post may be more for newbees to moderately seasoned users like me using ICS.

    One day I will get a new tab with Jelly Bean. Till that day I am using my Teclast A10t with ICS.

    I have about discovered that it is NOT so much ICS that is problematic as it is my choice of apps that I load. Some are buggy, and make the whole setup glitchy.

    It was slow and acting up, so I started unloading many of my apps that I was not sure about. Most were recommended.

    I got it down to somewhat a basic tab, with just a few apps loaded (Angry Birds; some other small apps) ..and then started trying some OTHER recommended apps for necessary things like keyboard and browser.

    At any rate ...the system seems to have largely corrected itself. Maybe it was just the deleting of the apps, giving it all a rest; rebooting a couple of times, and then reloading the needed items. Regardless is much better.

    My important apps.

    Go Launcher HD
    SD Maid Pro. This app. probably does more to clean the system than any I have used.
    Adaptxt keyboard.
    ES File Explorer
    Office Suite
    Opera Min

    After that it the normal stuff; lightweight games; widgets ..etc.

    Maybe this will help someone else struggling with their rooted tab that has seemingly gone bad.

    Cheers. :)
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