Mantis Vision Shows off Elements of Google's Project Tango

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    Google's Project Tango might be a bit of a mystery to many of us in techland. Knowing that the concept is meant to give smartphones and tablets the ability to map their surroundings in 3D doesn't necessarily explain the benefit. A company called Mantis Vision has partnered with Google to use Mantis Vision's unique MV4D core platform. This software technology will help Project Tango realize its ultimate vision of a seamless 3D augmented reality right in our mobile devices. Even this relatively intriguing explanation doesn't actually do the concept justice though.

    Luckily, Google's new partner on the project has created a video which perfectly illustrates the concept and just how amazing it will be. Once you get a glimpse of the direction they are planning to take this idea, you might just think this could be the next "killer app" to disrupt the mobile industry. It will be absolutely breathtaking if they can pull off what is shown in the video above. And best of all, this technology is being developed for use in other apps and software as well.

    Here's Mantis Vision's press release regarding their partnership with Tango,

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