Manual or help file for Polaris Office?

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    I normally use Office Suite and, so far, have considered it to be the best Word Processor for Android. However, two weeks ago it suddenly started to malfunction. When I clicked on the text to bring up my Swype keyboard it would take 75 seconds for the board to appear. Then it would take 15-25 seconds for anything to happen. As for trying to use Swype to write, well you could forget about that. I have a Samsung Note 8 (only two months old, but everything had been functioning fine), and a Samsung S3. The same problem was on both. Office Suite support was a bit slow in getting back to me. I thought it might be an update problem as there had been one just before the problem emerged. I'd tried all the usual uninstall/reinstall routines that they suggested. I asked for the previous version, which they sent me, but it didn't work. They suggested I factory reset the Note 8 and install the latest Office Suite first. Didn't work. I strangled an even earlier version out of them. Still no dice. At this stage they threw up their hands and said that no-one else was having this problem. Sorry about this long story, but it's context for the fact that I write EVERY day and really need my word processor to work. I LOVE the Note 8 and its wonderful stylus. It's changed my writing life. So I tried first Polaris (bundled with the Note) and then Kingsoft. Both have their problems, though neither have the freeze problem that Office Suite has. It took me some time to find out how to get around Polaris. Kingsoft was easier, but a problem of cutting words in pieces is infuriating. Overall, I think Office Suite is the best. It has so many more functions built in. BUT, but.... By ideas on how to prevent the freeze would be gratefully received.

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