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    Hello we are happy to present our new android app for cancer surveillance.

    This free app lets you monitor your own (or other peoples') cancer progress by allowing you to arrange and scedule the related appointments, tests and their
    results.Place the appointment for any reason like cancer biopsy,mri,ct scan, blood cancer markers test, xray, ultrasound, mammo, meeting with doctor, results receive
    etc. Choose your cancer type and record all the information relative with your progress and the therapy like chemotherapy, radiation, drug receive dates, symptoms,
    surgery dates etc. This app can be used for any kind of cancer e.g.Bladder Cancer,Lung Cancer,Breast Cancer,Melanoma,Colon and Rectal Cancer,Non-Hodgkin
    Lymphoma,Endometrial Cancer,Pancreatic Cancer,Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer,Prostate Cancer,Leukemia,Thyroid Cancer, testicular cancer etc. Arrange your
    appointments and mark your next one so you dont forget. Then see all the past test results (.e.g cancer markers) and monitor your progress. The perfect app for your
    cancer surveillance or treatment program.

    Includes a predefined wide list of cancer types, tests and events types (e.g. mri, cancer markers, ct scan etc) and markers (e.g. LDH, bHCG, CA etc) available for a
    faster and easier entry but of course you can add more. You can also monitor more than one patient's cancer progress. Its like keeping a cancer related medical file on
    your device.
    Finally you can set a login security password for data privacy if someone else uses your device.

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