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    Meiying M10/8GB
    I just received a Meiying M10/8GB and i want to root it. Now i have been searching up and down the net for info on how to do so and keep find threads with no real answer. I have already rooted my phone using a guide i found on xda but i know that i cant use that guide for my tablet.

    First im still looking for the driver for windows 7x64. When i plugged it in under dev mode it couldnt find the driver. Non-dev works just fine. I know i can maybe use SperOneClick to do the rooting but without a driver im dead in the water. In SClick there is a advanced tab with a Check Driver button. It says that there is a driver missing and if i want to force install but i get the message "No more Data is available".

    So im at a lost :(

    I found this post but method that he describes doesnt seem to work

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