Meiying M11 - using and storing onto the microSD?

Discussion in 'Rockchip RK2918 Tablets' started by ChromeCat, Jan 9, 2012.

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    Dear friends,
    I put a microSD card and can't figure out how to use it!!

    I am trying to put a movie onto the card.

    Initially I hooked up my tablet via USB/microUSB wire. It opened on my PC and some files were in English, others were in Chinese. I saw a folder: SD Card so I copied my movie from my PC to that folder. I then unhooked the tablet from the PC and couldn't figure out how to access the microSD card from the tablet at all!
    I looked in videos icon of the tablet just to see if it was there but it wasn't.

    So then I hooked the tablet to the PC again and just copied the movie from PC to M11 to see where it would go / what would happen. I was able to find it in with the other videos. However, I still don't find a way to get it to the microSD card. Or to access the microSD card at all.

    I don't care which route I have to take, I just want to be able to get the movies onto the microSD.

    Additionally, when I insert my USB flash drive, I can find files simply by browsing the tablet, not by going into the USB chip.

    Also, is there a way to delete the four previews that are pre-installed in this tablet?

    Thank you so very much!!


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