micro sd card cannot go into the novo 7 advance tablet

Discussion in 'My Tablet' started by redmon, May 8, 2012.

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    novo7 advance
    i don't know what is wrong but i just bought a novo 7 advance and i try to put the sd card inside but it just wont going it looks like it is too big i don't understand much about computers but i was thinking that this should have worked can anyone help me is there some thing that i am doing wrong?
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    You probably knw this, But the Micro Card will only fit one way, if you are putting it in with the contact strips facing UP, try it with the strips facing DOWN.
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    A lot of MSDs come with an adapter for using them a slot designed for a full size SD card. These generally are packaged with the MSD already plugged into the adapter. Are you sure you're not trying to plug in an adapter with the MSD in it. I've seen too many posts here to take anything for granted, so please don't be insulted of that's not the case.:eek:
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    You are actually using the term "sd card" which is loosely used around here to mean "micro sd card" since that is what all but a few tablets use as the default. A micro sd card is about 1/3 the size of a standard sd card and as spider noted sometimes comes with a full size sd card adapter for use in card readers, pcs and other devices that have the standard size port.

    Please make sure that first of all you have a micro sd card. If so then you will need to make sure you remove it from the full size sd card adapter. Finally as jimbo mentioned the card will only go in one way so don't force it but try flipping it over if it doesn't go in.

    ^ micro........^ regular size

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