Microsoft Excel Web App Offers Android Tab Support

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    Microsoft today shared a list of 20 upcoming features it plans to add to its Excel Web App. The company wouldn’t give a timeframe for when to expect the new additions, but it did give quite a bit to look forward to.
    Without further ado, here’s the list:

    • Adding and Editing Freeze Panes (they are already viewable).
    • Adding and Editing Comments (they are already viewable).
    • Android Tablet Support.
    • Editing Files with VBA.
    • Chart Editing.
    • Viewing, Moving, and Resizing Shapes.
    • Loading XLS files in O365 (already works in SkyDrive).
    • Print to PDF.
    • WEBSERVICE Functions.
    • Common Keyboard Shortcuts.
    • Custom Sort a Range (sort on multiple columns).
    • Insert an Image.
    • Hide/Unhide Rows & Columns.
    • Reorder Sheets.
    • Show Aggregates for the Selected Range in the Statusbar.
    • Rename a Spreadsheet from within Web Excel.
    • Drag and Drop Cells in a Sheet.
    • Reorder Sheets.
    • Protect Sheets from Being Edited by Others.
    • Insert and Modify Apps for Office.


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