Microsoft Working on New Siri Competitor Inspired by Halo's Cortana AI Character

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    Halo fans will already be intimately familiar with Microsoft's newest software tech innovation which will be released next year. Microsoft plans to launch their own Siri-like voice activated virtual assistant, and it will be called "Cortana." For those uninitiated with Halo, Cortana was the AI personality which helped Master Chief on his adventures fighting hordes of alien invaders. Microsoft wants to model their new voice activated search app on this personality.

    It will certainly be tough for Microsoft to compete in this arena. Both Apple and Google have a big jump on Microsoft with Siri and Google Now respectively. Still, Microsoft plans to differentiate their product by building it around an adaptable machine-learning technology they are developing. In essence, they are attempting to actually build Cortana in some form. Here's a quote from ZDNet with more of the details,

    It's interesting to see how things are evolving in the tech world. I can almost imagine a day in the future when Google Now, Siri and Cortana each evolve into a real Artificial Intelligence. This leaves the question, "Will they decide to eradicate humanity, or will they simply decide to go shopping together?"

    Source: ZDNet

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