MID 9 inch dual core tablet

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    I have just been given one of these as a present. I am on oldie and have not got a clue how to use one. It has a very small and basic manual which i do not understand. I at least know how to turn it on and i have set the time.But i cannot access the internet or get into google the only other thing that does work is the camera.and to be honest i found that by luck.Is there a Manual i can use on line or how do i seek help to set it up.
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    Welcome - ATF (2)~01.jpg Users guides can be hard to come by at times. Local bookstores generally have generic guides available. Also, check online for How to use Android tablets. Check out the Android Questions section, Spider has a discussion that is geared to first time use.
    Newbie Day One Guide - How to Start with your Android Tablet

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