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    I am a constant user of the internet to shop. Many of the big sites have the MID m70003 tablets for sale for insanely cheap prices. Now i have 2 smart phones and a tablet already so im not looking to buy this for any daily usage. I see these tablets have a front facing camera on them. They appear to come with donut (1.6) and i have seen a video of it getting 2.2. My question is does anyone own one of these, and do they link well to other tablets. I would like to get a couple of these and mount them in my home and use them to communicate with my kids in their rooms. Yes its kinda star trek like but for the price($80 or less), if they link well, it would be a pretty cool thing to have. It would certainly beat hitting the ceiling with a broom handle lol. I have fring on my iphone 4 and my wifes samsung droid and from within the same house on the same router, the connection is pretty bad. So if anyone has any experience or thoughts on it, please let me know. Thanks!!

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