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    OK I havent been able to get my tab working yet and doubt I ever will :( so last night I found a program that lets you boot from SDcard called phoenixcard really kewl program seem the allwinner chipset id very open and theres a large community based on these chip Ubuntu anyone ;) bad new is Phoenixcard uses the live suit images I know I should have waited and built my own rom from my backups but I decided to try the 7042 it has sames exact spec except screen rez and size. :( so I stuck SDcard in turned on the power and got black screen and clicks I let it sit like that for half hour and turned it off took out SDcard and turned it on and nothing happened RIP MID1045 :( but good new for all of you I cracked it open hoping for a hidden reset, or disconect the battery and let it sit for a couple days might help I didnt find a reset button :( The back came open with little effort I used a guitar pick medium stiff I did find on the MB a 6 spot pad where connecter might go for cmos programmer I might just have to sodder some wire on and see what I get. the reason this is good for you is I took lots of pic theyre not the greates.... :)

    $IMG_20130623_135915.jpg $IMG_20130623_141845.jpg $IMG_20130623_141952.jpg $IMG_20130623_142019.jpg $IMG_20130623_142126.jpg

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