Minecraft PE work on an Odys Loox?

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    I've been looking at the Odys Loox, it seems like a fairly high powered machine for the price. It costs around £100 and has the following specifications:

    Display Size: 7" @ 800x600 with Multi-Touch.

    Android: 2.3

    CPU: Cortex A8 1.2GHZ


    Graphics: Not mentioned on any site i have found so far Just found out it has a Vivante GC800 core

    According to the Minecraft wiki page, MC PE requires:

    Android 2.2
    CPU that supports ARMv7a code (The Cortex A8 does support ARMv7a)
    1GHZ or higher
    Some devices which have processors weaker than 1ghz have been reported to work.

    The power of the Odys is comparable to the LG Optimus Black, as in they both have 512MB of RAM and the LG Optimus Black has a 1GHZ CortexA8 (slightly less powerful than the Odys). The Optimus Black has been reported to run MC PE with minimal lag when at high settings.

    I've looked at benchmarks of the GPU on the Odys Loox, and the average scores are comparable to the LG Optimus 2X, another device reported to work lag-free with MC PE. So it may work?

    I don't actually own an Odys Loox, I was going to ask this before I got one, as i imagine MC PE is one of the most intensive apps there is for the Android, so it would be a good test of a device.

    Thanks a lot.
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