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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by mr_starfire, Jul 29, 2015.

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    Hi guys/girls i recently paid 10 pounds for 2 tablets from my local car boot sale one of the larger one 10 inch works perfectly after a good charge however the smaller one whic is the mobinote seen here

    will not boot it starts with the android guy lying on his back with some options which i dont want to touch
    i tried a factory reset using the reset button with a pin but it always comes back to the same screen i think it needs the os replacing . i tried using adb multitool but my pc does not have the drivers for tablet and so cannot connect the 2 i think this may be in the wrong place but couldnt find a better place
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    Hi mr_starfire, welcome to the forum. Nice of you to become a member of Android Tablets.

    Try a factory reset:

    There probably are no instructions there specifically for your tablet, so try some of the methods for other tablets. One of them will probably work and you won't hurt anything by trying.

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